Auto Brake Parts

YULIEN ® continues to provide Auto Brake Parts for numerous types of vehicle in full range that exceeds the needs of the various markets, industries and vehicles across the globe. Our products are serviced to meet the most exacting OEM qualification and international standards.

l  Certified by ISO

l  100% all Made in Taiwan


YULIEN can supply Auto Brake Parts types:

1.  Brake Pad
2.  Brake Disc

3.  Brake Shoes 
4.  Brake Lining 
5.  Brake Drum
6.  Brake Hose 
7.  Brake Cable 
8.  Brake Booster 
9.  Brake Caliper
10. Brake Master Cylinder 
11. Brake Wheel Cylinder
12. Clutch Master Cylinder
13. Clutch Wheel Cylinder …… etc



All trademarks and vehicle models (including their names and pictures) listed on this page are for reference only.  Our products are not original replacement parts but interchangeable with the original OEM parts.